Welcome, Zoë!

One of the first times I noticed Zoë Chatfield was in 2015 on the morning before Envisionfest (a big city pride cultural event in Hartford). By morning, I mean 1 AM. She came home from Smith College for the weekend, landed in the middle of installation construction, took a quick look around her, pulled together a team lickety-split, and started to get things done. I thought to myself—well now, there’s someone who owns the idea of leadership.

Monday, September 18th, will be Zoë’s first day as the newest CO:LABer. Here’s a bit of background— Smith College graduate (studied sociology and urban studies), worked in Smith’s Community Service Office; provided research and data evaluation for Hartford’s Development Services Department, Open Communities Alliance in Hartford, and FourSight Collective in NYC; and she contributed in a number of ways ranging from data analysis to event planning support for the Office of Community Engagement and Virginia Beach Education Foundation.

We can’t imagine a more aligned collaborator to contribute to an evolving vision of “What Next, CO:LAB” (more on that soon).

Let’s give Zoë a hearty welcome—but not on Monday. She already has a day full of meetings lined up.