Brains and beauty: Awards season results

We love awards season. It’s our chance to stop and reflect on the body of work we completed over the past year, what we’ve learned, how we’ve grown, and where we want to push ourselves. And it’s also nice to be recognized for beautiful and compelling design. This year is particularly gratifying because our awards came from a few sources that proved our design resonates not only with fellow designers, but also with the industries for which we design.

> Windsor Historical Society’s Strong-Howard House Guide Book was awarded second place in educational publications, materials and kits by the New England Museum Association (NEMA).

> Scoville Memorial Library’s Campaign to Connect and brand collateral won publicity awards from the Connecticut Library Association.

> At the annual Connecticut Art Director’s Club (CADC) show, we brought home awards for our work with the Hartford Foundation, Firebox RestaurantBoondoggle BrewingHartford Fashion Week, and the Hartford Art School’s Interdisciplinary MFA.

Looking at this list, we are filled with gratitude for our amazing clients who trust us to push the envelope and be real partners in inspiring and motivating change. The work we do together is about so much more than design – and that’s why the design ends up being so damn good.

And, of course, it helps to have an amazing team. Much love. Here’s to another great year to come.

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