Loving a place is its own reward…

In October of 2016, Ruedi Hoffman started shooting photos for the latest installment in his Pivotal book series, “Pivotal Hartford: Faces of Change.” He and his team spent a year observing, researching and connecting with a broad cross section of people who are making a difference in Hartford. From that study, they identified some instrumental leaders and influencers within the community. The Pivotal team highlighted those community members and celebrated those folks who are working to move the city forward. The team created an historic document of this significant, transformative point in time for the city of Hartford.

Rich was selected as one of those influencers as was Constanza’s marching band, Hartford Hot Several. It’s an honor to be selected with our friends and colleagues working for a better city. We’re looking forward to the book and the gallery show in March. More to come as that develops.

For now, here’s a preview video:

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